Dear artists,

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Gossip Girl, but I’ve missed being behind the screen. It’s a new year. I’m welcoming 2015 in with a semi-relaunch of this site. I hope you’ll follow along as I follow one of our artists on a journey.

I already posted a few hours ago, in case you missed it, but starting a new year with a published book is all the rage. At least, it is to my author pal, B.P. Morrison. How he managed to find the time to write and publish a book while being a full-time college student is beyond me. I barely managed to figure out to the password to this account.

So. Here’s the thing. This whole relaunching thing is never going to work without you. The artists. I’m so happy you’re here. I need your help supporting your fellow artists. Sound good?

Another friend of mine is also doing super cool things. Remember Wonder? She’s living the most Instagrammable life right now. Spending half her time singing and performing on a ship and the other half watching amazing sunsets. I’m really jealous.

I’ve been following their journeys and I hope you’ll join me on the ride. It’s fun. You should do it.

Happy 2015!

XOXO Summer

P.S. I’m working on taking the word journey out of my vocab. Overuse. Oh well. #hatersgonnahate


Monsters in the Mirror

It’s been a while, artists.

I logged on for a special occasion.

Remember our interview with my dear friend Perry? Well.

He’s published!

Super stoked for this. You can buy Monsters in the Mirror as an ebook on Amazon soon or search for it on iTunes and Google and whatever else now. Author name = B.P. Morrison! (And I’m just saying, I read it. It deserves 5 stars on the reviews. I’m not biased at all.)



Hey all,

In an attempt to simplify life just a teensy bit, we’re no longer on Twitter. It’s time to take a break from social media and experience the real world for once. (Of course, you can still find us on a not-often-used Facebook page.)

Be sure to scroll through the old posts and check out some of the artists! You won’t be disappointed.