Julia Bullock

Hello, readers. We’d like to introduce you to this wonderful artist.


Her name is Julia Bullock. But you probably already knew that, didn’t you? Maybe you saw her kill her X Factor audition with this version of “Pumped Up Kicks.” Or maybe you heard her in one of her three old bands. Or, best of all, maybe you plan to go to her very first show since July 2012 happening THIS Saturday (Nov. 9, 2013)!

Here’s our interview with Julia.

Tell me a little about how you got started in music.

I got started in music when I was about 13. That’s when I started my first band. But seeing Green Day when I was in 5th grade was what got me interested in making music a career

What projects had you been a part of before your xfactor fame happened?

I had been in three bands before X Factor: “Subject of You,” age 13. “Lyra Shines,” age 14-16 and “The Local Traumatic,” age 16-18.

When you first auditioned for X Factor, what were you expecting? Did you expect to get so many fans from just the first performance?

I didn’t expect to even get on the show! And when my live performance came around, I had an anxiety attack backstage and I was dehydrated so when I got those 4 yeses, I thought each judge was joking. It wasn’t my best performance at all!

What made you decide to go against what is “normal” and actually try to make your dream happen?

I have always wanted to make it in music. And I had been in countless bands and we just never got anywhere further than Charlotte. So I thought I’d give X Factor a try, not even thinking I would make it. But I did, and the exposure has been more than I had ever experienced.

I see you’ve been doing a lot of photoshoots. What are those for? (Unless it’s a secret. )

Nope, no secrets here! I just do photoshoots to keep myself busy on a slow day! I have so many talented friends so we help each other out. (Oh hey, that’s what we do here at Under the Art. ;D)

Can we expect new music soon? And can fans of your old band and of your X Factor appearance expect a different or similar sound?

Yes, working on an EP right now. Taking a lot of time on it to get the right sound. And the sound’s pretty much the same: upbeat alt indie pop-rock stuff.

Was it hard to get used to having fans? I feel like it’d be weird for strangers to recognize me.

I honestly love it! I love being recognized because it means I have made an impact on that person in some way. (YGG!)

Have you played any shows since X Factor?

Nope, no shows. BUT I am playing my first show since July of 2012 on November 9th at Tremont Music Hall with Lucky Five. My side project “The New Wilde” will be playing second.

How do your family and close friends support you?

Family and friends just constantly give me new ideas; whether it be musically, business related, or networking related.

Are you still in touch with your X Factor friends?

Yes, I am! I still keep in touch with the girls from Fifth Harmony, Willie Jones, and the boys in Emblem3.

What was it like singing in front of the judges? I would honestly freak out if I sang in front of Britney. (Side note: You guys, Britney tweeted about her. Let’s take that in for a second.)

Haha! Actually that was the most relaxing moment I had had all day. You build up this audition like it’s do or die, and you step onstage, see the judges, see the crowd, and realize it’s not that bad.

Is a move to New York in the future & what do you hope to do there?

Yes it is! Not as soon as I want, but I will be moving there. Sometimes a new place brings many new opportunities.

Keep up with Julia on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to subscribe to her channel and listen to some great music!

(Photo by Kenny Quiller)


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